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Hello Earthlings ♥.
Oh well, it had been a reeaaaaaaaally long time since I last blogged. I returned from my Suzhou attachment trip on the 20th but I didn't bother to blog :x. Had too many things to settle and school had started~

I'm rushing my attachment report currently and I'm too lazy to post anything. But one thing I can say that Suzhou had been an awesome place, or rather I had enjoyed myself to the fullest during that short period of time ♥. I miss the stupid office, the little apartment that 3 of us lived and the drinking sessions we had with the guys haha.

I came back, feeling different, and happy.

And for being awesome, I got myself into the Director List for AY 2011/2012!
I felt really, really blessed. It's as if it's telling me that I made the right choice to come into design and my life is on the right track.

I'm all pumped up to work even harder as a Year 2 student. I have to.

I could feel the little change in myself after the trip. It was a refreshing holiday before school starts (laughs).

That's all for now folks ♥.

Oooooohohohohohohoho *w*~
I wonder when was the last time my face appeared on the internet -w-.
Haven't been camwhoring since I had been stuck at home /o/.

The preparations for my attachment is almost there. Except for all the things that I used everyday e.g. laptop, bear, makeup etc.

Went for the subcomm meeting yesterday and had a long long chat with Edwin and Davin. The changes in attitude, including mine, lighten up my spirits. It also woke me up from my badass-holiday-nothing's-gotta-do-with-me mood and I'm now mentally ready to face the lectures and work -w-.

To say the truth I had never taught that I'll be emotionally involved in AM. It feels like secondary school when I was still the President for the small group of us. This is a Do-or-Die thing to us, if results don't show, I think I'll give up too.
I just hope that everyone is willing to give us support.

Anyway, last thing to say, if there's any issue, skype me @ Mikagexf =w=.
I'll most probably be online from 9pm onwards (cos I needa skype with my mum first) and I'll be back by 20th April, 9pm.

If you need anything from my house.................. Try to find my house number ahahahahahahahahaha /o/.

That someone at the bottom left hand corner will RAPE U. Be careful. LOL.
Hur hur >///<

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii people o(>▽▽<)oキャハハ~~~ Bwahahahaha @w@.
Recently, I had been devoting myself to manga and anime and literally shut myself with other people (lol). Haven't been productive and slowly packing my stuff for attachment. Okay to put those things aside, I'm introducing an Otome game~~

Pirates in Love ♥

Alright, I'm pretty slow with this one. It was out for quite a long time ago I think? But I only got my Android phone last year and I didn't know that the Google Play has Otome games.

I'm pretty lazy to describe everything but basically, you were working in a bar and happen to met Sirius the Pirates. You got onto their ship by accident and had to share a room with one of the guys, whom eventually fell in love with you. The choices of the replies you chose during the game will affect the ending - you'll get either 'Happy Ending' or 'Super Happy Ending'. The most awesome thing is, the conversations are in English for a jap noob like me! ^^

Title: Pirates in Love
Available Characters: 5, 1 more pending
Price: About SGD $5
Duration: 20 episodes

“Pirates in Love” available now in the iPhone App Store

Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) August 08, 2011
Voltage is pleased to introduce “Pirates in Love”, the debut game in the “Romance Sims” series. In “Pirates in Love,” the heroine (player) accidentally joins a group of male pirates and goes off to on a treasure hunt. The pirate’s life is very exciting, as the heroine gets to see handsome pirates fighting to win her over. The fun is all in the journey as the heroine and her chosen pirate grow from strangers to lovers.
The player becomes the heroine in the games and ventures into her own virtual love story. The characters in the game call the heroine by the name the player chose at the beginning when creating her profile. This personalizes the virtual experience to maximize their enjoyment of the virtual world. Players can experience the excitement of falling in love with a variety of attractive men in these games, as if they were reading a Harlequin novel. All the male characters in the games are very handsome and each has a different personality: some of them are kind and civil, some are blunt and coarse. The secondary characters are also varied and attractive. The player can enjoy different endings by selecting different paths. In addition, the characters in the games send emails to the player directory as a pleasant surprise. Because it makes the player feel like the heroine in a well-written romance novel, Voltage's products have found support from female gamers who are familiar with anime and manga in Japan, and the number of users currently exceeds 4 million.
“Pirates in Love” signals the launch of Voltage’s “Romance Sims” series, which consists of mobile romance simulation games translated into English. The “Romance Sims” name was chosen because English-speaking regions were previously unfamiliar with this genre. The first title in the series is “Pirates in Love”.
NTT Docomo, Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, has ranked “Pirates in Love” as the No. 2 romance simulation game in their contents menu. It has also ranked No.1 in the same category on GREE, one of the largest Japanese social networking sites. In the future, Voltage plans to release more games in the “Romance Sims” series.
ABOUT VOLTAGE: As a mobile content provider, Voltage, Inc is one of the leading companies in Japan. Since its establishment in 1999, Voltage, Inc. has released 73 titles, 46 of which are romance simulation games, and are all highly rated and have been the center of the industry. Voltage’s main products are romance simulation games, which were developed in Japan, birthplace of the anime/manga culture. Voltage seeks to bring female-oriented romantic simulation games to English speaking regions, which are by large unfamiliar with this genre.
As a pioneer in romance simulation games, Voltage’s products almost dominate the top 20 out of all 179 “romantic game” category listings from NTT Docomo. These games target female players between the ages of 13 to 34.
“Pirates in Love” is now available in English-speaking regions as an iPhone application.

Article taken from

FB page!

Russell looked really tempting... But I still bought Eduardo first in the end.
I think Russell is a Tsundere ♥.

It was love at first sight lol. I didn't regret buying him ♥♥♥!
Ed-chan is the manly and Tsundere type =//w//=~~

Nathan is definitely a Tsundere at first lol. In Eduardo's story, Nathan also
appear to fall in love with you but backed off because he could tell that
Eduardo and you are a pair.
He looks a LOT better without his Bandana ♥.

Christopher~ not my type at all hahaha~ but he's a nice guy~

Thomas~ is like a Shouta~~~~~ He's too young to you once you've got
Eduardo or any other crew *Q*~ But he looks quite isn't it ^^?

Manry~~~~~ But not out yet =3=... I'm kind of interested in Morgan too lol /o/.

Hohohohoho finally being honest =w=.



Anyway~ another series is out~ My Forged Wedding has a modern setting. I'm still thinking if I should buy and play =w=;;;.

2D boys hahahaha

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詞: 施人誠 曲: 楊子樸 編曲: 鍾興民

還是原來那個我 不過流掉幾公升淚所以變瘦
對著鏡子我承諾 遲早我會還這張臉一堆笑容

不算什麼 愛錯就愛錯
早點認錯 早一點解脫

我寂寞寂寞就好 這時候誰都別來安慰擁抱
就讓我一個人去痛到受不了 想到快瘋掉

我寂寞寂寞就好 你真的不用來我回憶裡微笑
我就不相信我會笨到忘不了 賴著不放掉
人本來就寂寞的 借來的都該還掉

還是原來那個你 是我自己做夢你有改變什麼
再多的愛也沒用 每個人有每個人的業障因果

會有什麼 什麼都沒有
早點看破 才看得見以後

我寂寞寂寞就好 這時候誰都別來安慰擁抱
就讓我一個人去痛到受不了 想到快瘋掉

我寂寞寂寞就好 你真的不用來我回憶裡微笑
我就不相信我會笨到忘不了 賴著不放掉
人本來就寂寞的 我總會把你戒掉






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<<<< I'm kind of like making such faces for the past few days.
I haven't been talking properly to anyone(as in, opening my mouth to speak) except for my mum and a few of the nurses when I went for my flu jab.
My left arm is kinda still hurting from it as I type.

A random thought just popped in my mind a few days ago.
I had been wondering about my restlessness when it comes to the holidays. All the well-planned activities and to-do seems to just drop dead by the 2nd day of holiday.
It set me wondering, maybe this carefree, nothing-to-do, facing the four walls, getting wasted days are what I am really after?

I don't know. I don't like this. I hate being like this too.
With no profits, with no aim, with no outcome. With nothing.
I'm losing so much. But I ain't working hard to get anything back.

It's as though I'm poisoned.

March 12, 2012, a rainy morning.
Suddenly felt like blogging.

Frankly speaking, school already ended about 2 weeks ago but I didn't have the mood to blog about anything. It's like talking to yourself.
Some days were well spent, some were just waste.

I managed to know a group of friends whom I spent Cosfest and Lawliet's birthday party with. They were not those kind of people whom you stands awkwardly with, not knowing what to say and just give a silly smile. Or someone whom just stands from afar in a corner, waiting for you to notice and walk up to say 'hi'.
It's heartwarming with them. And of course my old friends too :).

I also discovered an unglam-but-not-so-unglam-actually-but-hell-no-don't-bring-it-up-again side of me when I'm in contact with alcohol *ahem*. I... have nothing to say...
I'll keep my cool next time...
It's funny to see how Mikan was high and talkative, going around trying to take slips of the Gin+Sprit mix 'cause we were stopping her. I can't wait to see how Erika looks like when she's drunk... Lol.

I'm weak with alcohol \O/.

As usual, I was lazying around(except that it was in sis' house instead) and watching drama. Went back home and checked out sis' spams of videos. I unexpectedly fell in love with this song.

To be severely in love, it's not possible.

I love his strong and emotional voice which is also evident in his live performance. Just this one song and I could feel that FT Island is a good band. This will fall in my repeat playlist. And the lyrics is so sad...

Whatever it is, I really hate you.
I hate you so much to the extend that I don't ever want to remember anything about you.
I don't even want to talk to you. I had enough of everything about you.

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Hi guys~
Had been really busy recently. Don't even have time to post stuff~
Anyway~ Valentine's day is coming~ I'm gonna spend it all alone~
The worst thing is... Going for a checkup on that day -A-.

QAQ not fated.

To all singles Happy Grey Valentines~ 8D stay positive


Okay I'm back spamming. Pictures pictures and pictures~

This is my dear little cutie whom I went out with around last week or so. Our awesome Jimmy is not in the pictures but he was there 8D. Had an awesome steamboat+gossip session with them~ and my Erika is forever so cute hahaha ♥

I was playing with a new app I found on phone xDDD

My mum ~

And my sis ~

Okay. Other stuff. The thing is that, I had been feeling lonely when drawing. And that was when I became obsessed with cute animals namely cat and penguins. They had been killing me ever since 2931940394 days ago.

This is just awwwwwwwww

These Munchkin kills me always ♥♥♥

Fluffy penguins ♥~

And of course................ there's me!!!!

Le me have many many style~~~~~~ bwahahahahaha~

Sigh. Back to work.



I finally have the time to breathe and the mood to write a little bit of stuff.
Okay. Bet everyone had been happily enjoying your Chinese New Year. CNY was pretty normal for me. Accepting angbaos and greeting some of the relatives that I still can't remember who's who and seeing relatives that you see only once a year even though we all lived in Singapore. Boring visiting. Yeah. Done.

For the past few days I had been occupied with my Drawing Essentials A2 drawing and my accounting test. I just completed the test yesterday night and left as soon as I was done. Not sure if confident or don't bother...................................... BUT, BYE BYE ACCOUNTING. AWWWW YEAH.

Happiness didn't last, I still have to rush out the chinese presentation this saturday. We were kind of in a mess 'cause everyone's busying with other stuff...

Okay, here's my drawings. I think I made a big improvement in terms of the rendering with markers!

In process

I really really loveeeeeeeee this part ^~


Okay, the one above is only half of the drawing... Which is A3.
Here's the whole thing:

Well, it was just an idea that I came up with all of a sudden, making me abandon my original idea of nature, forest and fairies. Glad that I chose this instead 'cause LOTS of my classmates were doing earth, animals, mother nature.......

I don't really have a message for this drawing but the main thing is that everyone has a facade that we put on (right), acting all girly and nice. But the truth is that we all have a hidden personality (left). But I'm the opposite way. My facade is the left one \m/.

That's all for school~

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Yeah, ever since the new year, I haven't blogged. But no worries, I'm alive and kicking, active on Twitter lol :D.

Life is so far so good. Even though accounting is decreasing my self-esteem and confidence, the workload for this module is still manageable. I'm pretty much in a good mood and smiling more recently :).

Even though it's only 13th of Jan, I can't help but to blog about thissssssssssss.

I'm gonna turn 18 on the 2nd of next month. It's kinda complicated feeling, hahaha. Even though I'm only 17, I have a mind of a 20 - 23 (somehow, I was told by a lot of people). Being 18 means I'm no longer underage (LOL).
I wonder when was the last time I had a memorable celebration. Either it have not happened before or it's so long ago that I've forgotten. Hahaha.

I can't help but to do a wishlist .__.. It's a reminder to any kind souls out there and a note to myself that these are my needs~ /o/.

#1 Hair dye

This is a NEED omg rofl. My head is turning into a pudding. I can't stand the fact that I couldn't dye my hair at this very minute. I am still struggling with my choice of colour :(. Since the number of red heads is rising in campus, the colour looks ordinary now. Nevertheless, it'd be a daring try. My mum will probably kick me out of the room and lemme sleep on the sofa if I do so. Lol.

#2 Guy Laroche wallet
Le surprisingly fell in love with this red wallet when I was doing window shopping in The Wallet Shop =_=. It's the shorter version of the red one. The price is pretty costly /o/. But the red is loved~

#3 New family member

To say the truth, I want this more than anything else. Not this breed larh hahaha. I've became really occupied with school and slightly antisocial, so I thought that a kitty would be my best companion. She can keep me accompany when I'm sad, I can play with her when we've nothing to do all day and we can cuddle together. But owning such a big animal (yeah, bigger than fishes...) is a responsibility. Even though I can afford the time, I can't afford the money - food, toys, home, medical bills, grooming and so much more. I don't want to be an irresponsible owner. Can't get a cute new family member for now. Not sure in future too :'(.

#4 Money for attachment
This. Is. A. Waste. Of. Money. Lol. Geezzzzz I don't feel like going anymore. Need to get winter clothes+luggage+whatever damn stuff. Spend so much to go on a holiday??? I RATHER WORK IN A CAFE.

Just realised that I've nothing much I want. Except for the hair dye. The rest is just preferred items. Actually, I don't like to receive presents cos I can't return proper ones to the people who gave me ._.. No money + I hate to choose presents and create surprises.

Ohh well~ I really want a memorable 18th birthday though~

我要放下悲伤, 比以前更努力。
我不能停留在这里, 因为我要让家人幸福, 安心。
未来不知道会怎么样, 但请不要放弃。
因为世上最重要的, 是你们 。

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It had been a really difficult week. Couldn't eat properly at all and Im afraid that I'll continue to lose weigh... Waking up every morning is..........

It's the last day of 2011.
I wanted to write a loooong post thanking lots of people, but i always end up being lazy (laughs).
It was a really difficult year 'cause i stepped into a new stage of my life.
But nevertheless, I've met new friends, tried new things, and... had someone special.
It was a splendid feeling - To think about someone 24/7, to be easily amused by every action and words, to be jealous easily, to feel sad easily.

It was a great year.

Time to say goodbye, 2011.

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A little more ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


D.O.B/ 02 Feb 1994!
School/ Temasek Poly, Apparel Design & Merchandising
Past cosplays done/ C.C from Code Geass; Butler OC as Mikage; Hone Onna from Jigoku Shoujo; Bara Hime OC Walolita; Bara Hime OC; Meido dress up; Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier; Bonten from Amatsuki; Hatsune Miku - The Demon's Wedding version
(Check out the pictures @ my DA account~ ♥)

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